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You and What Army?

You and What Army? -             APR 2019

My Role: Level/Systems Designer, Writer, 3D Artist, Engineer


You and What ARMy? is a slapstick, Kung Fu game inspired by some really terrible 1970's martial arts films. Our vision for the project was to create a game that made players laugh from start to finish all while establishing a wild sense of badassery.


With vibrant characters, cheesy one-liners, and copious amounts of breakable props, You and What ARMy? is a game that feels like the greatest bad martial arts film to never be made.

On this project my duties included:

  • Building 3 fully-furnished levels, including 1 radically non-linear level in Unity using Probuilder and set pieces I modeled in Maya.

  • Fleshing out levels with small, comedic interactions that reward players for exploring and messing around with their environment.

  • Creating and iterating on the unconventional "Bonless Arms" mechanic so that players have just enough control over their floppy, noodle arms.

  • 3D modeling 5 characters and 50+ props in Maya and implementing their animations, audio, and physics into Unity.

  • Directing all cutscenes and all camera work.

We developed You and What ARMy? over the course of 3 months, and collaborated with Berklee School of Music to create an original soundtrack.

Download and play You and What Army?!

Available on [here]

Available on Gamejolt [here]  


Below are some level design sketches and my process of implementing them
(click to enlarge and find out more)

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