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Wheelin' & Mealin'

Wheelin' & Mealin' -                      2022

My Role: Lead Game Designer, Level Designer, Writer

Wheelin' & Mealin' is an online co-op party game where two players work together to cook and deliver food. It’s like Overcooked meets Crazy Taxi! While one player navigates the bustling and vibrant city, the other carefully crafts the wacky meals being delivered to your hungry customers!

To aid the chef and driver in their quest are a series of truly-zany powerups, like giant fried chicken wings that sprout from the car to help you glide off cliffs, or a large green tongue which protrudes from the front bumper to gobble and gather any nearby ingredients! 

My favorite duties on the project included:

  • Greyboxing a massive 0.5 x 0.5 mi level, consisting of 7 city districts each with their own set of dynamic driving challenges, stunt jumps, and secret paths to discover, and then populating the space with polished assets.

  • Designing a cooking system that utilizes stick input to mimic real cooking gestures, like flipping and shaking the ingredients inside.  

  • Designing the overarching lore of the world.

  • Coordinating with other Department Heads and within the larger team of 22 to ensure that features were in-scope, and that deadlines would be met


Below is some of my work and design documentation
(click to enlarge and find out more)


The High Rise District:
One of my favorites to work on for its wealth of traversal options.

Part of my driving metrics doc


Broth Hole District:
(LEFT) A very early top-down sketch from my brainstorming for this district
(RIGHT) A side-by-side slider of an initial greybox vs a more current shot of the level


A snippet of the ingredient balancing spreadsheet

A snippet of the doc I wrote on power-ups

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