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Tragic Sans

Tragic Sans -                          May 2018

My Role: Level Designer, Writer, Artist, Engineer, Producer

Tragic Sans is a 2D platformer within a text document. Guide Tragic Sans, the embodiment of the font Comic Sans, on a journey to find a place where they belong. Each new font you encounter along the way grants you a new power-up. Master these to adapt to the increasingly difficult platforming and reach the top of the document.

Over the course of five weeks, I co-developed this game with Blair Devereaux. In collaboration with her, we created everything that is seen in the game.

My duties on this team included:

  • Designing levels, implementing custom platforms, and orchestrating the overall feel of the game.

  • Developing tools to make UI elements that could be collided with and platformed on.

  • Creating the visuals for and animating the main and supporting characters.

Tragic Sans Trailer_Moment1.jpg

Below are some of my design documents (click to enlarge)

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