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Taxidermy -                             Nov 2018

My Role: Designer, Engineer, Artist

TAXIdermy is a tongue-in-cheek, top-down, driving and taxidermy simulator created for the 2018 Newbies and Vets Game Jam at USC. The core loop is simple; find a bear, hit it, taxidermy it on the hood of your taxi cab, deliver and repeat!

On this project, my duties included:

  • Designing a map with 6 unique delivery locations and implementing obstacles and locations into Unity using tilesets.

  • Paper-prototyping the taxidermy minigame/translating the real-world practice to our digital control scheme.

  • Scripting tracking arrow UI to guide players toward their next target using C#.

  • Creating and animating 40+ art assets using Piskel and Photoshop and implementing into Unity with the Unity Animator.

You can play TAXIdermy fur yourself at the link below:

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