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*** PLASTICITY SHOWCASED AT E3 2019 with Indiecade and won the 2018 Green Engagement Fund ***


Plasticity -                             May 2019

My Role: Designer

Plasticity was an Advanced Game Project at USC. This 2.5D cinematic puzzle platformer takes place in the year 2140, in a future where plastic consumption never ceased. As players traverse the devastated world, they are tasked with making decisions that either help or harm the environment. After players reach a certain point of the game, the true impact of these choices is revealed.

I was one of 3 designers in our larger team of 30. Some of my responsibilities on the team were:

  • Crafting thought-provoking puzzles with two nuanced solutions that inspire introspection.

  • Documenting and paper-prototyping level designs and communicating those design with the art, engineering, and usability teams. 

  • Greyboxing and implementing puzzles in Unity using Probuilder, Photoshop, and Engineering tools.

  • Designing scaffolding to teach players the ropes of the game in an intuitive and diegetic manner. 

  • Collaborating with usability to interpret playtest data and iterate on puzzles.

Plasticity is free to download on Steam and is available here.

City Key Puzzle Static 2.JPG

Below is some of my ideation and design documentation
(click to enlarge and find out more)

City Puzze Whiteboard [Plasticity]
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