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What do I believe?

1. Play is A Power

Play is our most basic instinct. Play helps us better understand ourselves.

Play is the key to dreams. Dreams are the key to the future.

Play gives everyone a chance to explore who, what, and how they want to be.

Play is the secret to a happy and fulfilled life.

2. Games grow Play

Growing up, we forget how to play. Games grow our play - they remind us how to.

The seed of play is never completely lost. The more games, the easier it is to play.

Games speak to our play instinct. They engage us on our deepest level.

3. Comedy is a game

Comedy is a game: It has it's own magic circle and formal elements.

Comedy lends itself well to games. Both are a delicate art.

"Knowing your audience" is easiest when they're interacted with.

Strong comedy comes from the interplay of mechanics, narrative, and dynamics.

4. Laughter heals

Laughter is the best therapy. It heals old wounds and prevents new ones.

Laughter frees us. We let our guards down so we can laugh together.

Laughter is an integral part of play.

5. Games are shared

Games are for everyone. Everyone can play - no game has reason to be exclusive.

Games bring people together to foster conversation. 

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