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TZ'ib': A Game of glyphs

tz'ib': A game of glyphs -      NOV. 2019

My Role: Designer, Engineer

Tz'ib': A Game of Glyphs is a puzzle game where players learn to identify actual ancient Mayan glyphs in order to decipher the inscription on top of the famous "Altar Q" in modern day Honduras.

In each puzzle, players are given six glyphs and six glyph names - using their skills of observation, they identify patterns and repetition to correctly match glyphs to their names.

On this project, my duties included:

  • Using C# to prototype a dictionary of mayan glyphs that could be called from to easily and quickly build puzzles inside of Unity.

  • Researching and coordinating with experts in Mayan epigraphy to build mechanics around the ancient writing system.

  • Designing 13 puzzles around 51 glyphs so that puzzles scale in difficulty with knowledge of previously seen glyphs/patterns.

Tz'Ib' Snip 1.png

Below is some of my prototyping and documentation
(click to enlarge and find out more)

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