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Detour Bus

*** DETOUR BUS made the 2022 Student BAFTA Shortlist in the immersive category***


Detour Bus -                                   2021

My Role: Narrative Designer

Detour Bus is a casual, virtual-reality, construction-comedy adventure, where players build ridiculous winding highways around themselves, to take the Flowers family on a road trip across post-infrastructure America. The game combines a goofy core mechanic with dialogue that reacts to how you're building. Using just one button and capitalizing on feedback systems built into VR hardware, Detour Bus lets players feel the wonder of VR without friction. It explores what accessibility can look like in VR, and what aesthetics support accessibility-first design.

I was one of two narrative designers in our larger team of 21. As such, my responsibilities included:

  • Creating a family of characters each with their own motivations and arcs that could be realized over the course of 10 levels.

  • Drafting 100's of barks and wild lines and designing them to be triggered by a wide variety of conditions.

  • Writing 360 degree VR video cutscenes where there is action wherever the player looks, to be used as interstitials as levels load.


Below are some writing samples from this project

The first half of level 6, which I took the lead on writing

Some wild lines from level 6

A jingle for the fictitious brand "Waterella"
(I love writing little worldbuilding elements)


I worked alongside the Creative Director and my fellow Narrative Designer to write the narrative game's narrative macro -- this is a snippet. 

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