Unannounced Switch title

Unannounced Switch Title -  current

My Role: Level/Systems Designer, Writer

Still very much in development, this project, planned for the Nintendo eShop is an adventure game set about taking pictures of magical animals on a marvelous, Central American island. 

On this project, my duties included:

  • Creating a set of metrics to standardize traversal features, like jump height, climbing, and vaulting.

  • Diagramming animal encounters/puzzles in 2D, then using those diagrams to graybox in 3D with Probuilder.

  • Developing mechanics that utilize the affordances of the Nintendo Switch, like haptics and gyroscopic control.

  • Writing journal pages to tutorialize the game's mechanics diegetically.


Below is some of my greyboxing/design documentation
(click to enlarge and find out more)