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You and What Army?

You and What Army? -             APR 2019

My Role: Level/Systems Designer, Writer, 3D Artist, Engineer


You and What ARMy? is a slapstick, Kung Fu game inspired by some really terrible 1970's martial arts films. Our vision for the project was to create a game that made players laugh from start to finish all while establishing a wild sense of badassery.


With vibrant characters, cheesy one-liners, and copious amounts of breakable props, You and What ARMy? is a game that feels like the greatest bad martial arts film to never be made.

On this project my duties included:

  • Building 3 fully-furnished levels, including 1 radically non-linear level in Unity using Probuilder and set pieces I modeled in Maya.

  • Fleshing out levels with small, comedic interactions that reward players for exploring and messing around with their environment.

  • Creating and iterating on the unconventional "Bonless Arms" mechanic so that players have just enough control over their floppy, noodle arms.

  • 3D modeling 5 characters and 50+ props in Maya and implementing their animations, audio, and physics into Unity.

  • Directing all cutscenes and all camera work.

We developed You and What ARMy? over the course of 3 months, and collaborated with Berklee School of Music to create an original soundtrack.

Download and play You and What Army?!

Available on [here]

Available on Gamejolt [here]  

Below are some level design sketches and my process of implementing them
(click to enlarge and find out more)

My process for building out levels in Maya was to import my initial sketch and then build off of it.