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Tragic Sans

Tragic Sans -                          May 2018

My Role: Level Designer, Writer, Artist, Engineer, Producer

Tragic Sans is a 2D platformer within a text document. Guide Tragic Sans, the embodiment of the font Comic Sans, on a journey to find a place where they belong. Each new font you encounter along the way grants you a new power-up. Master these to adapt to the increasingly difficult platforming and reach the top of the document.

Over the course of five weeks, I co-developed this game with Blair Devereaux. In collaboration with her, we created everything that is seen in the game.

My duties on this team included:

  • Designing levels, implementing custom platforms, and orchestrating the overall feel of the game.

  • Developing tools to make UI elements that could be collided with and platformed on.

  • Creating the visuals for and animating the main and supporting characters.

Below are some of my design documents (click to enlarge)

Our burndown chart for the project. Made by Blair, maintained by both of us.