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Adrift: Lost at Sea

Adrift: Lost at SeA -             Aug. 2018

My Role: Creator, Creative Director, Lead Game Designer, Writer

Adrift: Lost at Sea is a challenging, 2 - 4 player, cooperative card game that focuses on bringing people together. It’s like the Oregon Trail meets a 16th Century shipwreck - As you make the journey back home on the unforgiving tides, your table becomes the lifeboat and you become the survivors. Plus, at the end of the game, you'll get a unique sea shanty about your voyage to sing (or chant) together and reminisce about your adventure!

Two of the mechanics I created that I am the most proud of are:

Balancing the Boat:
I created this mechanic to ensure players had to coordinate their actions. As players venture on the seas, they will have to strategically balance each other's actions so their lifeboat doesn't capsize. 

At the bottom of every Sea and Storm Card are sea shanty lyrics. You can string together your cards at the end of every game to get a unique sea shanty about the journey you just had. As the only writer on the project, I wrote every single sea shanty verse - over 54 in all! 

Adrift has 13 unique card types each with their own effect. I wrote a custom Unity application to assist with balancing the distribution of these cards (a snippet of the data can be found below).

Adrift successfully funded for just under $10,000 on Kickstarter in September of 2018, with over 230 backers from countries all over the world! Over the 11 months of development, we showcased at the USC Games Expo and L.A. Zinefest, and are currently in the process of fulfillment. 

Click here to go to Adrift's Kickstarter page.


Below is some of my ideation and design documentation
(click to enlarge and find out more)

Adrift Storyboard 2.0.png
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